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We Understand Your Personal Defense Objectives



Protect Your Family

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Protect Your Property

Self Defenese to Protect My Family.185

Protect Your Business

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SafeMind LCC understands how important it is for parents and children to be aware of their surroundings, avoid danger, trust intuition, and use self-defense techniques to stay safe.

We believe your defense is personal. SafeMind LCC takes the steps to transform your self-defense approach into simple tasks. These tasks will help you in prevention, in a time of need and after an incident.

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    Custom Personal Defense Services


    Arizona Concealed Carry Permit Requisite / NRA Basic Pistol

    This 8 hour class exceeds the Arizona Concealed Carry permit requirements for NRA firearm training.
    The class includes three hours of range time focusing on safe firearm handling, fundamental marksmanship, basic defensive shooting skills, firearm maintenance and more.

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    Defensive Firearms Training

    Learn the proper tools, attitude, skills and knowledge required to be successful in a defensive situation.
    This training stresses marksmanship, firearm malfunction clearance, holster presentation, movement drills, engaging multiple targets and stress inoculation.

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    In Home Defense Consulting

    Customize your home defense plan.
    Services include:
    Home security assessment and solution recommendations
    Structural reinforcement – windows, doors, etc
    Safe room construction
    Firearm selection and deployment in the home
    Scenario based training

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    Workplace Defense Consulting/Training

    Active Shooter and workplace violence situations evolve rapidly and often end with a tragic outcome.
    SafeMind will help your business develop a comprehensive defense plan and train your employees to respond appropriately if this situation occurs.

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    Medical Response Training

    Defensive situations can lead to the injury of you or your attacker. Being able to respond to and treat traumatic injuries until emergency professionals arrive on scene will increase the probability of a positive outcome.
    Services include:
    First Aid/CPR
    Wilderness (Backcountry) First Aid
    Trauma response

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    Youth Firearm Training

    Firearm safety should start before your child has access to firearms inside or outside of the home.
    By learning the fundamentals of safe firearm use and marksmanship, your child will have the foundation necessary for safe hunting, recreational and competitive shooting.

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    Women’s Firearm Training

    SafeMind knows that men and women learn differently. We conduct classes in an environment that is focused on your unique needs. This class includes both classroom and range work to maximize your knowledge and skills.
    We prefer to work with groups of friends, so put a group together and come out to learn new skills.

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    Custom Training Packages

    Whatever your specific need, specific threat or location, SafeMind can develop a comprehensive plan for you.
    Please contact us and we’ll help you determine which solution is best for you.

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    Your Defense is Personal

    Personal defense does not necessarily require the use of a firearm or lethal force. The objective should be to recognize risks before they become critical situations.

    SafeMind uses a variety of training techniques to simulate real-world situations and will teach the you how to mitigate the risks before they occur.

    We provide high level personal defense and situational awareness training to individuals, families, business owners and employees.

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    Personal defense is a small investment when compared to the lives it can save.

    Contact us today to find out how you can protect your loved ones and assets.


    SafeMind instructors and consultants are subject matter experts and can help you learn the right way to protect yourself and your family. We will exceed your expectations.


    We understand that your privacy is very important and do not share the names of our clients, or the skills and training that they have acquired through us.

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