SafeMind LLC will keep your self defense personal



Your personal defense training should be tailored to your specific needs. SafeMind will help you assess your risk and the environment in which you live, work and play and will customize a comprehensive defense plan for you.

SafeMind LLC was founded with more than just firearms training in mind. Our philosophy is that keeping you and your family safe is a lifestyle and you must have the proper tools, attitude, skills and knowledge to avoid and mitigate threats before they occur.

This does not mean being afraid of what’s around every corner but by following our mantra of having complete situational awareness, being physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to detect and deflect threats and recognizing that if you absolutely must use lethal force you must do so in a manner that also leads to the best possible outcome.

At SafeMind we are prepared to share our knowledge, experience and skills to promote positive, experiential learning.
We instill in all of our clients that the best tool for keeping yourself, your family and your co-workers safe is your mind. SafeMind.


Your training should not be limited to shooting paper targets at the local range. It is imparitive that you train in your environment with the tools that you have today.

SafeMind LLC training is realistic and stressful. The only way to ensure that you’ll respond appropriately is by developing solid fundamentals and to train as if the threat is real.


SafeMind consultants and instructors are subject matter experts in their specific discipline.
Whether you are new to personal/firearm defense or need to lock down your IT network, SafeMind will exceed your expectations.


SafeMind was formed as a response to real world threat situations experienced by friends and family leading to the loss of property and life. Realizing that the skills and experience necessary to prevent and stop a threat are not readily available, in a personalized format, SafeMind was born.


To provide high level personal protection and situational awareness training to individuals, families and businesses using state of the art, fundamentally sound, proven techniques, delivered effectively and safely while ensuring the privacy of the client.


We combine live and simulated firearms training so that you gain applicable skills and techniques in real-world situations. Your training will also incorporate your family, friends and other key people.


We understand that you may not want others to know your level of preparedness. We never disclose the names of our clients or the skills that they acquire.



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Personal defense is a small investment when compared to the lives it can save. Contact us today to find out how you can protect your loved ones and assets.

SafeMind instructors and consultants are subject matter experts and can help you learn the right way to protect yourself and your family. We will exceed your expectations. We understand that your privacy is very important and do not share the names of our clients, or the skills and training that they have acquired through us.

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