Intensive Defensive – Four Hour Defensive Carbine -October 9


Intensive Defensive is for the beginning to advanced shooter who already grasps fundamental firearm skill and techniques.

The October 9 class focus is working indoors with  your defensive carbine/rifle.


Intensive Defensive is the real world alternative to training on a square range. The class covers all aspects of defensive firearm use and each class is a building block for the next.

The class covers concepts of defensive use of the carbine/rifle including use of cover, movement and low light environments.

Equipment List:

Defensive Carbine/Rifle – suggest AR/AK platform
w/ Sling, light

At least 3 magazines with belt mounted magazine pouch(es)

Handgun w/ holster, 3 magazines and magazine pouches

Carbine/Rifle: 200 rounds of non-steel core

Handgun: 200 rounds of non-steel core

Eye/Ear protection – electronic hearing protection recommended

First Aid Kit recommended

12 in stock (can be backordered)