Intensive Defensive – Four Hour Defensive Firearm – August 7


The August Intensive Defensive focuses on breaking contact with armed threat and initial medical priorities for treating patients.

August 7, 2019

Class starts at 6:00 pm

Practical Pistol C

Break Contact / Treat the Patient

Skills included in the class

  • Tourniquet
  • Chest Seal
  • Combat Gauze
  • Moving your patient
  • Effective use of cover and concealment
  • Effective use of weapon mounted and handheld lights
  • Moving to a safe location
  • Determining priorities


Intensive Defensive is the real world alternative to training on a square range. The class covers all aspects of defensive firearm use and each class is a building block for the next.

The class covers concepts of concealed carry, movement skills, legal aspects of defensive firearm use to force on force training and stress inoculation.

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