Essential Daily Carry – Tactics and Strategies for the Civilian Defender


February 1, 2020

Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: Ben Avery Shooting Facility – Practical Pistol C

This class focuses on the essentials of being a successful civilian defender:

-Legal use of force

-IFAK/Stopping the bleed/Managing Trauma

-Effective concealed carry

-Practical defensive firearm skills

-Use of force decision making / scenarios

-Equipment selection – holsters, ammo, firearms

-Terminal ballistics gel and tissue lab

Required equipment:

-Well maintained semi-auto pistol or revolver

-3 magazines (minimum)

-400 rounds full metal jacket range ammo and 50 rounds of defensive (hollow point) ammo (recommend Speer Gold Dot or Federal HST)

-Concealed carry holster (must be kydex – no leather, no SERPA)

-Magazine pouch

-Appropriate belt (recommend firearm specific/stiff belt)

-Electronic ear protection / eye protection

-IFAK (We will have special class pricing on IFAK’s)

-Pants (must have belt loops), long sleeve shirt, hat, appropriate clothing for weather

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